"DUOS for viola and violin: DUO-Highlights"

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ISMN 979-0-700275-14-3
ISBN 978-3-941049-14-7
MVK 171710
Preis: € 18,80 [D]
Fine layout, high quality print
48 pages
main volume (viola) and supplement (violin)
level from easy to moderate
Table of contents:

  1. Com sol:
    a musical firework, melodies, rhythms and
    entchanting harmony sequences

  2. Sentimentos de vida - feelings of life:
    intensive feelings ... the whole gamut of emotions

  3. Mesopelaga armenizo:
    elegiac, tender, affecting

  4. A night in Garden Eden:
    one of the most beautiful klezmer melodies,
    imaginatively created for several voices

  5. Pirame mazi to dromo:
    ("We've gone the way together"):

    fascinating sonority and sunny joy of life

  6. Two alpine folk tunes:
    created authentically and expressively

  7. Sardinian dance: arranged for two violas
    absolute pleasure in dancing, lively joy …
    exciting virtuosity
    DUOS for viola and violin

   "DUO-Highlights" from :

                          Eastern Europe
                                       South Tirol
                                               Italy (Sardinia)