TRIOS in variable instrumentations: traverse flute,
2 violins and accordion or keyboard instrument
"TRIOS of world music" vol. 2

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are also available in English and French.
ISMN 979-0-700275-04-4
ISBN 978-3-941049-04-8
MVK 171705
Preis: € 24,- [D]
Fine layout, high quality print
80 pages
main volume and 3 supplements
level: moderate

This edition contents the following voices:

accordion/keyboard instrument:
    elaborated chords and harmony sequences
    in typical local style, melodic passages
    and chord symbols
    (supplement no. 1)

traverse flute:
    melody part, in selected comfortable pitch     (supplement no. 2)

first violin:
    melody part, from easy to moderate
    (supplement no. 3)

second violin:
    multi-faceted accompanying part,
    a delight for experienced musicians
    (main volume)
Table of contents:

  1. Pirame mazi to Dromo
    ( We've gone the way together):

    Greek joy of life and sheer pleasure in dancing at its finest

  2. Orient and Occident
    (Impressions of two star nights):

    mystical, dreamy, mysterious ... with tender "pastel-coloured"

  3. Spanish rhapsody:
    an eruption of Latin emotions in rhythm and harmony

  4. Hungarian gypsy dance:
    a vivacious and cheerful composition with terrific accelerations
    and multi-faceted timbres

  5. Yoshke, Yoshke:
    one of the most finest klezmer melodies ... full of ideas,
    in a virtuosic and sparkling arrangement

  6. Istanbul:
    join us on an exciting journey to the Bosporus;
    await Oriental rhythms, surprising metric changes,
    extraordinary chord sequences and exotic scales