"TRIOS and DUOS for festive occasions"

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are also available in English and French.
ISMN 979-0-700275-14-3
ISBN 978-3-941049-14-7
MVK 171710

Preis: € 18,- [D]
Fine layout, high quality print
55 pages
main volume (clarinet)
and 2 supplements
(violin and accordion or keyboard instrument)
level from easy to moderate
Table of contents:

  1. Klezmer dance:
      sheer life´s pleasure, pure dance fever, for the most joyous   occasions

  2. Shalom alejchem:
      a musical treasure for life´s solemn moments

  3. Wind´s play:
      decent and very finely tuned with tender tones

  4. Co - Incidence or fate ?:
      solemn, proud, majestic ... with a full fascinating sound

  5. Tango angélico para angélica:
      noble, galant, seductive

  6. Antonio Vivaldi
    Concerto L´estro armonico opus 3/11 :

      specially arranged as a duo version, for all festive occasions

  7. Es wird scho glei dumpa (it will get dark soon) :
      festive advent mood ... a beautiful christmas Carol from the
      South of Tyrol (Austria)